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Fall 2021 Auditions!

Want to find a group of friends to sing, laugh, and possibly cry with? Come audition for the Callbaxx!

Auditions are walk-in! We will walk you through some vocal exercises and you will need to prepare a short solo (verse and chorus of a well-known song)!



Feel free to DM us or email (the.callbaxx@gmail.com) with any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t forget to visit our Instagram @thecallbaxx and Youtube @thecallbaxx to see more information, our auditions, and previous concerts! 

We are SO EXCITED to meet you all and hear you sing! 🤍🤍 xx


How should I prepare for auditions?

All you need to do is prepare a verse and chorus of a well-known song of your choice! We will walk you through vocal exercises and hear you sing this song. Bring water and have fun!

What will the semester look like?

So far, we are holding in-person rehearsals with locations TBD (as of now they are outdoors!) We perform a semesterly concert, with gigs and arch-sings in between (you may have seen us perform already!)